Electrochemical NanoScience Group
The research activities of our group are focused on thermodynamic, kinetic and structural studies of chemical reactions and physical processes on "clean" and adsorbate-modified electrodes (single crystals, thin films, clusters), which are in contact with liquid electrolytes. We aim to contribute to the development of a molecular (atomistic) understanding of the (1) Electrochemical Double Layer as well as of (2) specific electrode processes taking place there. This knowledge on structure, dynamics and reactivity is applied to modify interfacial properties employing strategies of self-organization, metallo-supramolecular chemistry in two dimensions, pattern formation and molecular recognition, and to control pathways of heterogeneous chemical reactions with tailored nanostructures.
Our research strategy is based on the combination of classical electrochemical experiments with structure sensitive in situ techniques, such as scanning probe microscopy (STM/STS, AFM), and vibrational spectroscopy (SEIRAS) to develop, at least step by step, an understanding how an interfacial systems evolves from the macroscopic through the microscopic to a molecular level. Special attention deserves the application of scanning probe techniques, which allow to monitor structures and processes at solid/liquid interfaces with atomic resolution in real space and in real time.
Current topics
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